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Searching for the ONE...

Native Search Solutions (NSS) is a new and innovative organization that focuses on Missing & Murdered Indigenous Persons (MMIP) cases. Missing person investigations are complex and if not resolved in a fairly short amount of time, the investigation will most likely come to an impasse. NSS will use new and innovate technologies that will supplement tribal law enforcement’s MMIP investigations. Regardless of the tribal police department’s size, resources or budget; these tools will be made available to add to their investigations.  


Native Search Solutions wants to work with MMIP Advocacy groups by giving them a resource in their search for the missing and help liaison with law enforcement agencies by navigating them in the investigative process. NSS has partnered with Native American Fatherhood and Families Association (NAFFA) and Biometrica in establishing a MMIP fusion center located in Mesa, Arizona. This fusion center will be a place to meet with other anti-human sex-trafficking groups; to collaborate our efforts as one resource.


To bring Hope, Empowerment, and Resolution to families of the missing by using new and existing technologies in locating their loved ones. 


Strengthening Native Communities by giving them opportunities to engage in searching for their missing.


Develop and implement a training program for tribal law enforcement to utilize new and existing technologies that will enhance their current and future missing person investigations.


Gratitude, Compassion, Trust, & Courage.


To have our Native People build for themselves a safe and secure environment for their families and surrounding communities.

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